Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me Monday...

This is my first attempt at Not Me Mondays...but here goes...

I most certainly did NOT let my baby eat Cheerios off the floor this morning because it kept him occupied and happy.

I did NOT let my 3 year old sleep in bed with me last night and then get grumpy that she was there, but instead of carrying her to her bed, just stayed grumpy.

I did NOT contemplate a 30 minute drive to get some Baby Oxiclean spray so I could try to get some old stains out of clothes that I am going to sell to a kids resale shop.

I did NOT sell some clothes to said kids resale shop last week and make $80...and that most certainly was NOT less than 1/4 of the clothes that I will be taking there.

I also did NOT think last week that having just ONE more baby might be a good idea...

I did NOT vacuum the floor this morning only to realize that it looked better before because it just looked like the kids were messy (and thus easier to blame the mess on).

I also am NOT currently letting my 3 year old eat a cold piece of leftover pizza from last night.


1 comment:

  1. love it! (and LOVE cold pizza - it's one of the best foods in the world!)