Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rocker in the making?

Who knows...maybe he is the next drummer for the next big band to hit the world. Okay, maybe not the NEXT one...but you know what I mean! *grin* Kristin

A day at the PARK

Before Lydia finished school for the year, Erynn finished. So that left MANY days with just her, me, and Colin. It ended up that we had to get some of her energy expended otherwise her mommy might just have lost her mind! So this day Erynn, Colin and myself went to Leclaire Park and had a great time! I got some pictures that are fun and crazy...just like our day at the park!


Sleeping Beauties...

Sleep certainly puts an angelic spin on them! *grin*



So Bonifest was Memorial Day weekend. It is our church/school's big fundraiser of the year! I remember the year it was started and this was its 25th anniversary...don't have any idea how I am old enough to remember! *grin* Anyway, things were a little different this year with no "rides" but plenty of fun! 62Sports had all kinds of blowup bounce houses, slides, and racing things. It was a lot of fun and good times were had by all! The Big Bonagiveaway was drawn and although no one I knew won the big prize, I did sell one of the smaller prizes ($500, I think!). Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Lydia trying to ride the bull!
Erynn and Lydia on "Rat Race"
Erynn bouncing to her hearts content! :)

We wish all of you could have been there with us (esp you and all the boys Carrie!)...make plans to come visit next Memorial day! I am sure we will be there at Bonifest '10!!