Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Okay, well this is as close to July 2002 as I could find and one of the last pictures. This is one of very FEW pictures taken of me when I was pregnant with Lydia. We were on a trip to Colorado and were visiting the zoo on this day...just myself and Tom. It was our baby-cation! :) Thankfully it was a nice and relaxing trip with lots of sleeping and lounging about! :)

Baby Ella is here! :)

We are SO excited that my cousin, Lexi and her husband, Joe had their baby! :) Ella is here and words cannot describe how happy we are for all of them. I have to say that I think I might have a better understanding of how my mother felt when I went into labor. I was a nervous wreck after talking to Joe around 6:30 and not knowing what was going on. Funny thing is, around 10:15-10:30 I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep. My stomach was in knots from worry or sympathy or something. I finally calmed myself down around 10:30 and finally went to bed. Ella was born at 11:20 and since they are an hour ahead of me, I think somehow her birth calmed me and allowed me to go back to bed! :) I know...weird, but I honestly feel that way. Oh and I was calling her a "her" before we knew she was a her! :) Anyway, welcome to our crazy family Ella! We love you bunches already!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lydia's latest accomplishment

Lydia started taking Taekwondo at Myung Martial Arts around the beginning of March, along with her daddy. She LOVES it! She has a focus and excitement about it that I haven't really seen in her before. And, as her mom, I think she is really good! :) Last Saturday she tested to advance from a white belt to a yellow belt. This first picture is of her demonstrating some of the moves she has learned at class.This next picture is Lydia getting ready to break a board (this was her second try) with a kick.
If you look closely, you can see the board has broken in half...and all from her kick! :)

This was Master Myung presenting Lydia with her new yellow belt! She was SO excited and I was SO proud! I am not a mom to get too mushy about things, but I honestly had tears in my eyes. It is nice to see your child want something so badly, work hard, and accomplish it! She is determined to make black belt...and I have a funny feeling she just might do it. Of course you will have to tune back in about 5 years! :)


So Colin has been doing this for a while now. One of these days he is going to figure out how to move himself forward. Right now he just rocks back and forth or pushes himself backwards, until he is backed under a chair or the couch...then he cries! :) I think this is the beginning of the end! :)

My new favorite picture

I know that I might be a little biased, but they are some pretty cute kids...aren't they?!? :)

Egg hunting at grandma's with all the cousins!

Let the games begin!!

Lydia finding an egg in the landscaping.

Erynn getting a little "assistance" from Aunt Shelley!
It was a very fun day. The kids always love hanging out with their cousins and the food, as always, was very yummy!

Easter...a wee bit late, but a very early morning!

Well Lydia got up at 6:15am and the smart girl that she was, she knew that she would not be able to hunt eggs unless Erynn was awake too. Sooooo...she woke up her sister. And if you know Erynn at all, you know that she needs every second of sleep that she can get! We ended up hunting eggs aroun 6:30 or so, going to church at 8:15, and then heading over to my mom's house for family Easter around 11:00. Everyone was tired and ready for bed around 7:00. The Easter Bunny was VERY kids must have been VERy good this year.
Colin's basket

Lydia's basket

Erynn's basket

The note Lydia left for the EB!

After finding all the eggs hidden in the house!
Still in jammies and before finding out what was in those eggs! :)
It was a very nice day...and hopefully the kids will have many memories of times like these!

Dyeing eggs

Here are all the eggs...done! It was a blast! Lydia wrote on hers this year with a clear crayon...she clearly was concentrating VERY hard!
And Erynn surprised me...she LOVED dyeing the eggs. She even was patient and let the eggs sit long enough to get good color. The only real problem she had was she wanted to throw the eggs into the pots...literally! :) Once I told her they would break though, she slowed down...a little anyway!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

This week it is April 2008 (or 13th folder), 42nd (or 4th-if don't have 42) picture. Since my older folders are not labeled like they are now, I am going to go with the 13th folder and 4th picture.

This is a picture of Colin, probably around 5-6 months old, hanging out in his bouncy seat. As you can see, the seat didn't have a very long lifespan with him. Erynn used it until she started sitting up on her own. Colin was a wee bit bigger than his big sister. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! It has been a LONG day...Lydia thought that 6am was a good time to get up AND wake her sister! The Easter Bunny was good to this household...I will post pics later. Hopefully sometime tomorrow! :) Sleep tight everyone!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Its that time again! Courtesy of this is Feb 2008, picture #33.

Erynn was and still is such a goofball! Here she is being cheezy!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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