Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Food and friends

One of the truely best things in life are a day where the kids eat, are happy, and you get to chat with your friends with minimal interuptions. We did just that the other day. We met with my best friends (from high I have known since Kindergarten) at McDonalds for dinner and some talking. My friend S is due at the beginning of August with her little boy...Colin. :) We figured that this might be the last time we were able to get together for alittle while, although we try to see each other every couple of months. Anyway, I got some great pics of the kiddos and thought I would share. ;) Erynn enjoying her Sprite! :)
P just hangin out.
M looking adorable as usual (and enjoying the slide!)

P and Colin talking things over (P is a month younger than Colin)

C and Lydia sitting at the "girl table".

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