Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hartnagel Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas at the Hartnagel homestead on the Sunday after Christmas. Usually it is up to a week before or a week after Christmas, but this year it worked out to be closer to the actual date. As is customary, a picture of the grandkids in front of the tree was taken. Considering the large number, I think it turned out really good!

Billy, Chelsea, Andy, Nikki, Zach, Erika,Colin, Lydia, Sammy, Tommy, Ryan, Erynn, and Will

Lydia opening one of her favorite gifts..."Gardening Mama"

Erynn with a new book and sitting on Erika's lap (which she did for all of her present opening)

Colin playing with his new drum/music set from his godmother, Lexi. Lexi is glutton for punishment, but since her daughter Ella is not even a year old shall be fun! :)

Oh and don't you LOVE Colin's bowtie?! My aunt Diane made it for him and I can't wait to recruit my mom to help me make some more!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always fun. Our family tradition is that we open gifts from each other that night. When I was growing up, we always went to my grandmother's house on Christmas Eve, so this wonderful tradition came from Tom's side of the family. I love just feels like a perfect way to start the Christmas holiday! The kids loved their presents and are pictured with their favorite ones of the night.

Lydia with her new lamp so she can read before going to bed!

Colin and his new baseball game, although anything with a ball would have been just fine I think!

Erynn and her "penguin boots"...she wears them in rain, in snow and basically at every moment she can!

One last picture of the kids all sitting together opening their presents. They were so into what each other got and seeing that kind of interest and compasion makes me think that we may be doing something right in raising them to be loving, wonderful siblings and children!
We hope that your Christmas season had as great of a beginning as ours did!