Monday, April 5, 2010


Can you tell where we are?
Sadly, or not so was "the end of the road" for Michigan State and West Virginia University.
Tom and I headed to Indianapolis on Saturday for the Final Four!
To watch the Duke Blue Devils shoot lights out!  (Jon Scheyer here!)

And beat West Virginia to move on to the Championship game.  As Coach K says "they play as one"...and on Saturday night that was one tough team.
 Tonight we will be watching Bill Nance, Jon Scheyer, and Coach K...

Do you know who this is?!?

One clue:  He has a village named after him.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Erynn knew what to do...

Lydia did too...
and Colin...well he figured things out VERY quickly!

We are of course talking about hunting eggs.  The day started with an Easter "party" at Grandma and Grandpa Hartnagel's house after the girls went to church. 
 (Colin at church=totally miserable time for everyone)

Then we headed home to see if the Easter Bunny made his way to our house.  Lydia was nervous since we didn't sleep at our own house that the Easter Bunny wouldn't know to stop at our house.  Thankfully he did...phew!
AND he was very generous!
Both girls were excited with what the EB brought them! 
All in all it was a good, but VERY busy day!  *yawn*  Off to bed I go...

Colorful Fun

We dyed Easter Eggs on Friday night since we wouldn't be home on Saturday (you will find out why in another post).  We did not start until after 8:00 because I forgot to get vinegar and since I had gotten a fancy tye-dye kit I had to run into town to get it.  Anyway...the girls and I had a good time and the eggs ended up being pretty cool looking!
Aren't they pretty?  The Easter bunny hid all of them...we even had a little difficulty finding them!  Good thing we did, otherwise it would have gotten kind of stinky in the house!  Yuk!  It was a blast and the girls were very proud of their creations!

Lydia's first time reading at church

A little while ago Lydia read at church for the first time.  She has been wanting to do this since the beginning of Kindergarten.  She was excited, not the least bit scared and did a "phenomenal" job(according to her teacher Mrs. Kamp...not just this very proud momma)!

Click to see her!