Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentines

It is wonderful to have so many Valentines.  Especially ones that I  love so much!  :) 
My first born, Lydia.
She is sweet and loving,
Smart and social.
Stubborn at times,
and so, so beautiful!

Erynn is the middle child.
She is wild and sweet and crazy,
Trouble with a capital T,
One who needs little sleep,
Talks to who she wants to and ignores others.
My blond haired, blue eyed wonder,
and generally just crazy!

(yes, his shirt does say "the ladies love me")
Colin is my baby,
Boy through and through,
But sweet and friendly to all,
Sleeps his life away,
Loves balls and trucks,
and thinks his Mom is the best!
And finally, my husband.
What can I say?
He is a self-proclaimed nerd,
who loves games, Duke basketball,
and (thankfully) Cardinal baseball...
Oh and of course, me!  :)

I hope that your Valentines are as special as mine and you have a wonderful day!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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