Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Apple Farm

So we originally decided to go to the Apple Farm for pumpkins...I know weird thinking, but I know we went last year or the year before and got pumpkins. So one Sunday, while Tom was working, I decided that a trip to get pumpkins was in order. Once we got there, I discovered that there were no pumpkins, but it was too late! Lydia and Erynn wanted to ride on the wagons and go pick some apples. It took some manuevering since it was just me and 3 children, one of whom could not walk, and a whole orchard of apple trees. But it actually was a lot of fun!

Lydia became an apple farmer!

Erynn and Lydia played on the tractor wheels, the "chicken coop" playground, and the glider swings. Oh and while I was paying for our apples, some little boy had a disagreement with Erynn and bit her! My poor baby had a bruise and teeth marks on her arm for a week. I wasn't too mad because I know that kids are kids, but his mother didn't even reprimand him...things like that I have yet to figure out how to explain to my children.

Erynn and Lydia picked some apples.

And Colin, well he ate many bites of apples that I would give him and emptied out my purse while waiting for a ride back to our car!

I am so glad that I decided to take this on and go. It would have been a very trying day if we would have just stayed home! And I learned that the girls are pretty good at listening when out in public. We just wish that Daddy could have come too!

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