Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter...a wee bit late, but a very early morning!

Well Lydia got up at 6:15am and the smart girl that she was, she knew that she would not be able to hunt eggs unless Erynn was awake too. Sooooo...she woke up her sister. And if you know Erynn at all, you know that she needs every second of sleep that she can get! We ended up hunting eggs aroun 6:30 or so, going to church at 8:15, and then heading over to my mom's house for family Easter around 11:00. Everyone was tired and ready for bed around 7:00. The Easter Bunny was VERY kids must have been VERy good this year.
Colin's basket

Lydia's basket

Erynn's basket

The note Lydia left for the EB!

After finding all the eggs hidden in the house!
Still in jammies and before finding out what was in those eggs! :)
It was a very nice day...and hopefully the kids will have many memories of times like these!

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