Friday, June 18, 2010

Variety Showstopper

So last year, our school started doing a variety/talent show.  I thought Lydia would freak out being on stage and so we didn't do anything.  After Lydia saw the show, she was adamant she wanted to do it this year.  I wasn't sure she would be okay on the stage by herself, although now I am sure she would have been fine. I sometimes have a hard time understanding how she feels about things only because I was SO shy and insecure when I was her age.  Thankfully she has very little of that self doubt going on and loves doing just about everything.  I can't imagine much holding her back from doing what she wants to do!
Anyway, she decided to do her Tae Kwon Do forms with a friend of ours who goes to both our school and our Tae Kwon Do school.  She got up on stage and did amazing!  No signs of nerves or anything!  If you know Tom, you know she didn't get her comfort in front of groups from him either.  Needless to say, we are both very proud of her!
She also ended the year with straight A's.  That she might have gotten from both her mom and dad, although she works hard at school to be her best.  Again, who wouldn't be proud of her?

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