Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hartnagel Christmas

This year we celebrated Christmas at the Hartnagel homestead on the Sunday after Christmas. Usually it is up to a week before or a week after Christmas, but this year it worked out to be closer to the actual date. As is customary, a picture of the grandkids in front of the tree was taken. Considering the large number, I think it turned out really good!

Billy, Chelsea, Andy, Nikki, Zach, Erika,Colin, Lydia, Sammy, Tommy, Ryan, Erynn, and Will

Lydia opening one of her favorite gifts..."Gardening Mama"

Erynn with a new book and sitting on Erika's lap (which she did for all of her present opening)

Colin playing with his new drum/music set from his godmother, Lexi. Lexi is glutton for punishment, but since her daughter Ella is not even a year old shall be fun! :)

Oh and don't you LOVE Colin's bowtie?! My aunt Diane made it for him and I can't wait to recruit my mom to help me make some more!

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