Monday, February 23, 2009

It has been a while...

Sheesh! Time seems to just fly by sometimes. Well, so our weekends have been kind of crazy. Valentine's Day weekend we spent at St Louis Children's Hospital with Colin. He had croup and ended up being admitted and even scoring an ICU bed. Croup usually isn't an ailment that requires hospitalization and yet both Colin and Erynn have stayed overnight with it. Colin is doing fine now, although we did have to postpone his ear tubes surgery. It is a little bit of a bummer, since I know he is bothered a little bit by them, but the doctor only goes to the children's hospital once a month. I certainly didn't want to put him through elective surgery when he was sick. So the new date is March least he can recover with both Mom and Dad since that is a Friday.

This weekend wasn't very good at our house either. Lydia came home from school around 11:00 after she threw up. Tom also came home with a stomach bug and fever. Needless to say it was quite an exciting weekend. Lydia seemed to recover very quickly...thank goodness, but Tom and I kind of laid around. Everything seems to be back to normal now though! We are hoping to be healthy for at least the next few weekends! :)


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  1. You'd better be! You have been through the wringer lately! I hope you all keep getting stronger and that all of the crud stays far away for a while... you need a break!